Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Top Favorite Hair Products

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 8:52 AM

Bonus Product: I have tried A Few Deep Conditoners Komaza Care, The one by The Doctor whats his name you get it from like the dollar store, etc, etc but the Darcys does the freaking trick! The only thing once again its the size. Mines last 2 months almost because I started using it in the TWA stage. It is also one of her higher products for me it is worth it but as I said we gonna need a bigger JAR!

#5 Darcy's Twisting Avacodo and plum twisting cream makes my list as a favorite wash N go product. I did not liek this product for twist! No hold what so ever, not a good under base either for me. But oneday I cowashed and used it on wet hair and sealed with oil and Bam! Instant moist curls! for 3 days!

#4 Before I started my Journey I started using the MOJA Shampoo and conditioner from Komaza Care and there the tops on my list I even feel relax hair ladies need to give these a go. The shampoo does not over strip your hair where I have used shea M, Suave, Tressemme, and a few others nothing feels like this one as of yet. It comes in a 8 oz and a 16 oz container and affordable you don't need a ton of product goes a long way! For some die hard people who are a ingrediant junky please read the label before buying it.

#3 Is a Combonation Shea M. Deep treatment Masque & Shea M. Curling smoothie, since you can use the shea M. Deep treatment
Masque as a leave in I oneday found a small amount on wet hair along with a small amount of the curling smoothie not only made my hair soft but made a great twist out without feeling hard or crunchy!

#2 Darcy's Curling Jelly is 2 on my list for a styling aid, Now Eco styler is cheaper but for me on wet hair and the wetter the better this product gives my hair a nice firm hold and second to third day hair without a build up! It also does not dry my hair out like the Eco Styler nor makes it hard. It has a Yummy smell but not to harsh or over powering. Con's would be I feel 8 ounces is not enough short hair ladies will benifit from it with a light hand. But the heavy handed people will not. I think she needs to make like a 16oz Jar. I use this product when I want to go a few days on a wash N go's.

Zipporahbeauty Green Tea Hair & Body Butter, I was allowed to try the 4 oz size along with her Vanilla Mint Serum several month's ago. But ended up falling inlove with the Green Tea Hair & Body butter this product gets your hair back on track it melts in your hands like butter ~ when my hair feels a bit dry/course maybe from washing or protein overload. I just deep condition and use this product to put my hair in twist a little goes along way on wet hair its amazing and your hair remains soft. I had to buy this product in a 8 oz jar which she now sells on her site.

Hello My beautiful Natural Hair Ladies of the blog world, So I thought I would make a post on some products I have used over and over since my big chop. Its now into my 5th month. As I am still getting the hang of things and trying things, I kinda find the things I wanted to try out becoming a long memory. For I have been happy with the items I have used so far to the point I ask myself why bother buying all this stuff?
So My top Pick's are drumroll please!


Ashley on September 18, 2011 at 9:16 PM said...

I actually started using the Deep treatment masque today & I like it. I've finally found products that work for my hair (Shea Moisture line)....I haven't heard of a few of this products you posted about. I may have to try that gel.

BeautyGUMBO on October 5, 2011 at 12:02 PM said...

Yeah it great when you find things that work for you.Let me if you try the gel out its not a edge type gel but it is great on curls

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