Monday, June 6, 2011

The Month of May Total Hair Haul

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 3:45 PM

So no I did not over do the hair hauling for the month of May in fact I think I did really good, I did not go over board Like I would have thought. I had to come to grip's with the fact I have TWA hair and what I use most of the time does not take much for now. Some of the fun things I would love to try and use on it My hair needs to be longer to give that look I want and would love. So I have time but not patience! So you know I am gonna cut up for the month of July trying new thing
s lol. I will try to review some things for you all on YouTube. All my reviews are honest I have tried to calm it down for those who don't like cursing but some Product's Make you wanna curse! LOL ( totally twisted is the only fail for the month of May!
So I went back for more on a few item's like the Shea Moisture Product's, and I will be trying the shampoo out this month from that line. I was not a big fan at first of the shea moisture curl smoothie but it rub in on me. Giovanni direct leave in was $4.58 on the Vitacost website so I ordered 2 but the shipper that sold out on Amazon shipped out the bottle I had ordered so I ended up with 3! So No I do not LOVE the Giovanni Leave in that much! The Neem oil is good for the scalp but Oh my gosh it stinks like a deli with raw onions!


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