Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tea tree from SILK ELEMENTS

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 5:08 PM

Coming back to life with my hair I have switched up my routine and even if I want to watch my hair several times a week, the truth is my hair type doesn't need it or want it. In the past washing my hair 3 times aweek i notice I started having dry scalp something I never had. Also every time I would get my ends to looking alive they would fizz or dry out! Which lead to breakage and looking damage. So between my roots and right before my ends my hair was looking healthy! Crazy!!!
Since cutting my hair I been using more silk elements products and love them No I love how my hair feels using them. ilk elements tea tree i use it on my scalp and edges. The Silk elements Mayo I love using it on my hair dry with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and my hair oh so soft for the week!
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