Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hair Weave Chatter

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 9:40 AM

Hey you guys hoping you seen my new video and enter my contest, I am giving away a new 1" Flat Iron from the I will be doing update videos next week apart of my Fab for 36 videos. I hope to get some positive feed backs apart of my life changes. But I am really siked to be getting a gift from my niece she is paying for a full sew in all I have to do is supply the hair. I will be using hair from as seen on YouTube of course.So please look out for that video as well, I will be doing more personal up coming vlogs. I think some of you will find these fun and it doesn't require me to have a dam 1,000 camera cant afford that at the moment! I haven't even been buying makeup, just everyday needs like household, hair stuff some stuff for the boys. My family our B-days all start in the fall august- November and then there x-mas! Please let me know ladies who do weave some of your tips for taking care of your hair under it all, Its been around 7 years maybe a tad bit longer since I did a full weave and My hair was way much stronger and longer then! Please Tell if you like these styles I been eye Balling!


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