Friday, July 2, 2010

My BUN Challenge

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 7:06 AM

Hey you guys so I kinda missed some of the BUN Challenge from Traycee from KISS and a few other have done it! So Starting July 5Th Until August I am doing a 30 Day Bun Challenge every week I will post My favorite Bun Do for that week! So if anyone is joining me let me know. I picked this because it will not mess with any of the groups I'm in. I feel this will give us 30 days to figure out our hair highs and low's, Keep a journal of what you use and the days you use it. If its easy keep it greasy! If its hard treat it like a Fard! lol Serious I feel keeping it simple will help us see goals for our future Long locks or in some of you ladies case Longer locks!
1.Protective style training
2.Having more patience with hair growth
3.Leaning How to make simple work for us
4.Promoting Longer stronger hair
5.Less breakage
6.Finding what work in a day to night routine


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