Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day After The Final Chopping

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 11:17 AM

Well I am warming up to it a little bit because its less to manage after working out just shower and wash and go! And also its less hair for now in the summer time under a wig so yeah maybe I can do this for a little while and see how it goes!
Day 2 Pictures I wash my hair with Komaza care moja shampoo and I also used the Komaza care conditioner.

I towel dried my hair a little and then added Komaza care Vita Reign spray place a plastic cap on it for 10 minutes gel my edges with IC gel tyed it down for like 10 minutes and placed the little sports band on it and I am good to go workout I a bit! Thanks for the kinds words and all the help you have been trying to give me...


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