Sunday, May 15, 2011

So I tried to a Avacodo Mix for a Pre Poo today

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 5:38 PM
Hello My beautiful ladies of Me My Hair and I, so Today I did a Avacodo treatment on my hair Kinda like a Pre shampoo treat for my hair. Well Let's just say Thats how I did it lol.... I did the following below warmed it up a tad bit in the Microwave. ( Just a few second) I appiled it to my hair.

Then I placed a plastic cap on my hair for like 30 mintes. Keep a towel nearby because the oils will run down your neck! Gosh lol... I rinsed in the Shower, Used MY Komaza Care Shampoo & Conditoner..

I gave my hair a shake in the shower to losen the curls. I damp it with a towel. I then added My Zipporah beauty Vanilla Mint Hari Serum and allowed my hair to dry.
Now here is the Kicker since the Vanilla mint serum makes my hair soft I cannot say that the Avacodo Treament was the BOMB! But after rinsing it out my hair my curls where rockiing my the feel of it lol.

After my hair was totally dried I comb it out to get a mini PUFF! My hair was just hat soft(Zipporah Beauty) Moisturizing combo is the BIZ!
Next week I must wear a protective style been playing in my hair to much lol


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