Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheap ass People Rant

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 3:57 PM

Hey you guys sometimes I feel like dam you cant win for loosing, Like this my mutha head and if my hair doesn't respond or like something I not going to keep using it because Shelia or terry says oh yeah this cost 4 bucks! I think the roux is at a good price hell its a bit lower than some aphogee products.Also it is up there with alot of drugstore items. I don't know when I have ever walked into a drugstore and seen cheap hair products other than V05? I mean the drugstore's are becoming the new department store prices. I bought a ton of shit months ago from Walgreen's and I felt personally I could have went to the hood hair store and done better. Like 7-9 bucks for olive type products. Hell I have a big bottle in the kitchen I add my own lol, But serious its like I do video and try things because of me I don't say have let me borrow a dollar so I can buy this shampoo. If everything worked for one person well lets just say it would be only 1 brand of everything. And a whole lot of jobless people and a boring world filled with 1 label on everything.

The whole reason behind it you have random bitches come on videos and say shit like I use this ugga bugga shampoo its 2 dollars and it works 7 dollars is to much. MMMm 7 dollars its your hair! You will go buy a bootleg hand bang for 100 bucks, you will go buy a real handbag for 3,000 to wear once and shampoo is high? Fucking kidding me. All the wigs and weaves and shampoo is high? You don't care about your hair enough to take care of it and you treat a wig like its GOD's will I don't think so. I like the glamour style of wigs too but I had to wake up! I once had the long thick hair and miss treated it like most women of color and I was raised the old fashion way a women Hair is her glory! Well why I think it is its women stricken with thinning hair, female pattern baldness wanting hair and we are cutting, pulling,shaving ours off! I buy what I can afford and yes I love sales bargains, dollar bins etc. But if I find a product that works for me I am going to use it don't care what it cost. This is my hair and I am gonna wear it!

Thanks for reading...
P.s. I know some lame ass is gonna read this and take it wrong, Yes I like nice things always have always will. To me broke means cant buy shit! Not oh I bought all this cheap shit but it was a dollar those add up too. That is why I stay my ass out of them stores. 89% of the time I was wasting money buying what others like and not myself. It ended up trashed giving away etc etc.


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